From the very outset, we have been committed to innovation derived from customer feedback, thus “The Evolution Series” is the stamp that keeps us on a continuous path to evolve as a company, creators, people and Free Spirits. An integral part of this evolution was utilizing all the meaningful feedback we received from customers on the EVO V1, to create the ultimate experience with EVO V2.


Perhaps the most significant upgrade EVO 2 offers is the option of a short and a long version. The 9 inches in difference may not seem like much on paper, but was thoughtfully designed to accommodate a variety of vehicles and preferences by our customers.

The short will…

  • fit like a glove on a 6’6 bed (long bed) truck (below cab height with no hangover)
  • be mounted above cab height on a short bed truck, but won’t have as much hang over as a longer tent, allowing more room for storage on the cab
  • be able to fit on smaller SUV rooflines and accommodate their hatchback
  • allow for campers to mount their tent a bit further back on their roof, which creates access to features such as the sunroof


The EVO V2 Long (V2L) maintains the favored exterior dimensions of our other hard shell RTT’s, but delivers distinguishable exterior and interior upgrades our customers asked for.

The long will…

  • offer extra headspace
  • fit on any vehicle, especially larger trucks and SUV’s
  • provide more area for a taller person or the spacious sleeper

Key upgrades from EVO V1:


Tri-Layer material with the 2023 octagon shape and matte black ripstop fabric.

Panoramic rear door with a gloss black FSR emblem

Larger side windows + continuous, smooth zipper

All blacked out exterior with new black hardware, complemented by a textured black top

Still sporting our signature weight reduction slat design but with all new black features and a low profile mounting rail

Upgraded our gas struts that make opening and closing extremely simple


Aircore Mattress comes standard with every V2! Also allows you to store more bedding inside when deflated.

Vents can now be closed to keep the cold out or open them to reduce condensation

There are pockets on every side of the Evolution for all your needs + dump storage pockets above the side windows (great for large items)

LED dimmable lights

Big Thanks: 

To all of you who spoke to us at shows, emailed and communicated with Freespirit Recreation about enhancements we could make, we want to say thank you. You are the reason we do this and we couldn’t have done it without you. Cheers to the Evolution V2, Happy Camping.

4runner RTT hardshell