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XTR3 Bed Rack for Toyota Tacoma 2005-2022

Xtrusion Overland


XTR3 Triple Crossbar Bed Rack for Tacoma - Mid Height Build

14" Height - 53" Long, Special Edition

14" in Height. Perfect for those wanting to keep a low profile on their rack and tent combo, but with plenty of cargo real estate. 

Special Edition 53" Length, not available on custom builds, by using a double "off-set bracket to reach a longer placement.

Build Details

2 side braces per side
Top Brace set, with an all black.
1530 Aluminum Extrusion Construction in Black Texture Powder Coat
Our Exclusive CNC Machined top corner brackets capable of pressurizing
extrusion members.
6 ea, 20D Off-Road Reinforcement Plates with the Xtrusion Logo
4 ea Aluminum Handles
Available in:
Standard Width - No Tonneau Cover Support and
Wide Width - Most Tonneau Covers. (Except Tri-Folds)*
If you are looking for this set up in different height or configuration, contact us and we can set you up!